Finding My Mom Groove

I remember when my son was a newborn, I was talking to my mother-in-law about my frustrations with breastfeeding and lack of sleep and she said that she would be praying for me “as you two learn each other”. I’m not going to lie… I kind of chuckled at that. I obviously didn’t realize how true that was.

We did have to learn each other. Sure, we knew each other on some level. He knew the comfort of my voice and, crazy as it may sound, I already knew some of his personality. I knew he was physically strong and had charm that would melt the heart of any one in the room. But we had to get to know each other in a whole new way. Now that he was taken from the warmth of my uterus and placed into the warmth of my arms we were learning each other all over again.

We had to find what worked for us  

I didn’t have any issues with the general care of my baby. I wasn’t nervous to hold him or change him or anything like that. But it took me some time to figure out what made me feel good as a mom on a day to day basis. I feel it is important to emphasize, I do not always do these things. In fact, some of them I really need to work on but I know that these things make me feel like I am in a good mood. When I practice these things, my days just seem to go so much smoother.

I Focus on my Strengths

Successful-Life Quotes @TheClassyPeple #theclassypeople

Anytime I start to feel like less of a woman because I struggle being a “good” mom, I remind myself that I am not Wonder Woman. There are many things I am great at doing such as cooking and cleaning. As mundane as that might seem to some, I truly find inner peace doing things around the house. When I need a good laugh or smile I have some silly time with my son. Making him laugh brings a huge smile to my face and it reminds me that my purpose in being a mom is to bring joy to his life and help him grow and develop in to a loving and spiritually driven man.

I Invest in my Appearance 

pour from an empty cup

When I was younger my mother once told me that “when you look good, you feel good”. At the time I really didn’t understand what she meant. But now when I make small investments in my appearance such as buying a new nail polish or getting a hair cut and color I feel my inner beauty shining outwards. There are so many things that change when we become moms, including many physical changes. And this doesn’t just mean weight gain. Yes, there is weight gain and, yes, some of us struggle greatly to shed that weight but other things change, too. For weeks postpartum I lived in sweatpants and baggy shirts because I wanted to be comfortable and let’s face it….. babies spit up a lot! Who wants the smell of sour milk on their nice clothes? Now that my son is older and isn’t throwing up as much, I have slowly started to invest in rebuilding my wardrobe. My pre-baby clothes don’t fit on my post-baby body, and that is okay! I know that in time and with the right habits the weight will eventually come off. Investing time is just as important as investing money when it comes to my appearance.

My Body is a Temple

I have never been one to “forget” to eat. Ever. But keeping up with a baby and house hold chores can be hectic. Sometimes I feel like I waste more energy in making a meal for myself than what I would gain by consuming it. Even though I know that eating right helps me have a better day. I have to remind myself that my body is a temple in service to the Lord. I only get one body and one life, so I need to keep it clean and take care of it. Eat to fuel your body not to feed your cravings.

your body is a temple

Bust your Booty!!

elle woods

I have struggled with getting back in to a workout that I can balance with my husband’s work schedule and my son’s daily routine. So I combine at home work outs and GYM time when I can squeeze it in to help me work towards the body I desire to have. Not only does working out help me to rebuild and maintain my strength, it also puts me in a much better mood. I sleep better after a work out and I feel energized the next day while doing my daily house hold chores. Not to mention it helps to rebuild the intimacy with my husband and fortify our relationship.

Have a Schedule

The days that I feel most balance are the days when I know what I need to get done and do it. I think it’s because having a list and checking things off makes me feel productive. And, also, it helps me to actually be productive. You can plan your day as rigid or as flexible as you want, the most important thing is that you make a plan you can (and will) stick with. For me, I don’t necessarily time my day down to the minute. Instead, I make a list of things that I want to accomplish in each day. Both for me, personally and for my son.

What makes you feel most balanced?

Have a Happy and Blessed Day!


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