Mommy’s Quiet Time

Being pulled from the blissful depths of sweet dreams and the surroundings of my comfy cotton sheets by the screams and cries of my son, has become a regular part of my morning routine. It seems like every morning he likes to promptly wake up his father and I at 6:30 am…. which drives my husband nuts because it is 15 minutes before he has to wake up. Needless to say, he and I both feel like we are dragging our butts for the rest of the day at times.

So how do I find my energy and motivation for the day?

About a month ago I took to designating a certain amount of my day to completely unplugging from everything and just meeting with God for a little while. I call this my quiet time. This usually takes place when my son is down for his morning nap, but hey…. if you want to do something you will make time for it. Someway. Somehow.

I had been struggling with “finding the time” to do a lot of things ever since my son was born. But then I read something that just really spoke to me…… ba0f369ac31bd4306c7a9e66febc589a (1)

It wasn’t that I couldn’t find the time, I was just choosing to not making time for myself a priority. I wasn’t making Him a priority either. 

When faced with the determination to start “making time” a priority I looked in to beginning a bible study. Something I could do once a day, and was easy to follow. There was a lady at my church who was starting up a women’s bible study group, but with my husband’s work schedule I knew that there was little to no chance that I would be able to be consistent in my attendance. So I decided to look up the bible study material on my own and use this at my starting point to make time for God and myself each day. Here is the link to the bible study book I use.


This book has been life changing! I am learning so much about myself and about building my relationship with Him. I never knew that I needed to “put on the armor of God” and now that I know, I am consistently working to utilize every part of that armor.

Finding myself by finding myself in Him is how I choose to calm the chaos that can be my life.


What do you do during your quiet time?

What bible studies do you recommend?


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  1. Books are always a great way to center oneself during some quiet time, and it’s an important practice to model for your kids. Thanks for sharing this!


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