Wine Wednesday

Hello my fabulous followers! I hope everyone had a wonderful middle of the week day. If you didn’t, then allow me to recommend a drink to take the edge off.

Personally I am a white wine drinker. I find that the wine I tend to lean towards most is a Moscato. Seven Daughters Moscato to be exact. A beautiful blend of sweet fruity flavors and best served chilled. If you want to enjoy wine, but don’t enjoy how dry most whites are, this is worth giving a try before you completely go over to the dark side (red)…..

I could drink this wine with any meal, because I truly enjoy it that much. But if I had to recommend a meal pairing, I would suggest baked salmon with a lemon cream sauce and a side of butter and garlic roasted asparagus. Check out this dish on my Recipes page!

You can buy this amazing wine for $14.99 at the following link!

What are your wine recommendations? Leave a comment below, and remember to drink responsibly! 


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  1. Wine Wednesday is a mom-must. 👏🏼 🍷


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