Catching up

First let me say, happy Tuesday morning everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend full of rest and great weather. I have so much to share with you all, so let’s get started:

I found out on Friday that a family member has passed so it wasn’t the best day for me. Please keep that person’s family in your thoughts.

Saturday afternoon was spent planting all of my veggies in our newly tilled garden. There is nothing quite like having the ability to walk in to your own back yard and pick fresh food. Yeah it requires time and patience but on the plus side this will help to cut down on our grocery bill in the long run.

Saturday night was spent with the ladies, my mother-in-law and my soon to be sister-in-law. We went to the Spring Market which is an awesome trade show next to Shelby Farms. I had never been to the Agricenter International, this place was huge! There were so many booths from all over the US, we spent two hours there and still didn’t make it to all of them. For those who enjoy boozing it up a little while they shop, this amazing trade show had cupcakes and cocktails!!!! Aviary Photo_131363448579704210

Needless to say, the ladies and I had a blast walking around, browsing the shops and sipping a few drinks. I will definitely go to this show next year!


Sunday afternoon our family celebrated my father-in-law’s birthday a day early. Making hamburgers and bratwurst with french fries….. MMM, Yummy. The weather was super nice, so we all got to enjoy some sun shine.

Monday was house cleaning day, we tracked a lot of dirt through the house from the weekend gardening. So now that I am all caught up on my chores, I have time to write!

What did you do this weekend?





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