Authentic or Imposter?

Hello my lovely followers!!! I hope you are all having a productive post Easter work week thus far. Today I wanted to discuss the topic of getting what you pay for. About a week ago out of pure curiosity, I was looking up makeup pallets on Ebay. And the wheels in my head began to turn and the urge to buy a new makeup palette came over me. See I had read a post from a fellow blogger Meg Kem Magic (BTW, she has awesome makeup tutorials, you should definitely check her out) about our mutually favorite Too Faced Natural Eye Palette. As a follow-up to reading her article I had asked her if she had tried the new Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette. And come to find out, I wasn’t the only one behind on the trending bandwagon.

As a prelude to the actual topic of this post, I would like to say I do not recommend buying makeup from anywhere other than a valid and authentic store such as Sephora, Ulta, or the brand website. 

Since becoming a SAHM, I have learned to curb my old habit of frequently buying new makeup just to have it. Most days I don’t wear makeup because it will get rubbed off from giving my son tons of hugs and kisses. But when I do treat myself or splurge just a little, I like to shop for cruelty free, high quality products. It is not always in my budget to do, which brings me to the main reason for this post.

I like Ebay, I have had great buying experiences on this site. However… there are scammers who like to sell imitation products and pass them off as the authentic item. This is my personal experience with buying makeup off of Ebay from a seller who had a lengthy history, a 98% customer satisfaction score, and pleasant reviews from former buyers. I even made sure to read the product/item description, which did note that the product had been purchased previously from a third-party and lacked the “peachy” smell that this palette is known for. But knowing all of this, I still purchased the item as a gift to myself for my birthday and thought that maybe the smell had faded but that happens, right? The product came in the mail in just a few days, which in my book is fast considering it was ordered on a Friday and arrived on the following Monday. I couldn’t wait to get inside to open the package, and I didn’t! I snatched it out of the mail box a shredded the white plastic bag it came in. The product looked a little off from the image that had been posted, and as described, it lacked that signature “peachy” scent. It kind of had a chemical/soap like scent. And right then, I knew I wasn’t putting it on my face. I contacted the seller and filed a complaint with Ebay about the product I had received. Unfortunately the seller does not accept returns and Ebay has not returned my complaint. A little upset, I decided to use it as a prop for this article and kept it around to show you all the differences between the Authentic and the Imposter Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette.


Authentic top, Imposter below. The lettering is lighter and slightly raised on the top box. And there is a noticeable color difference in the real Too Faced box from the fake.

Showing the palettes side by side in these two pictures.


Without reading the comments on the pictures; can you spot the imposter?






Note the painted lettering is slightly off on the bottom paletter, and the peaches look less 3D.




This is the fake box and fold out


This is the real box and fold out


The imposter has a purpleish tint to it.


Real on bottom Fake on top



Real Sweet Peach Palette


Fake Sweet Peach Palette


Real at the top of the picture, fake at the bottom of the picture.

These pictures have not been altered in any way to enhance or modify the tone or hue of the colors of the products represented.

Have you ever had a bad buying experience? What was it and what did you do?

Leave a comment and have a blessed day!


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13 replies

  1. Love this post!! Thank you so much for the shoutout love! ❤


  2. I get so lost in Ulta! I have no idea where to begin, but I keep going because I know I need to. But I always leave empty handed and defeated.


  3. There is an app similar to wish, it sells beauty products- obviously fake lol. I got a knock off mac lipstick to compare it to the actual one, but it smelled like chemicals and didn’t have much pigment haha. It’s now in the trash some where 😂


  4. Woah! This is an eye-opening post, Christy. I’m so glad you did a comparison post for us, I’ll be more careful while purchasing makeup products from ebay. Thank you!! ❤


  5. Loved this post! Everybody should read this before buying the palette


  6. Loved the post!!! I’ve bought a closed palette that I couldn’t open at the store. And when I got home it was broken. Ugh how sad is that right. 😕 what I ended up doing is I went back to the store to return the item. That’s the worst experience about opening a palette and realizing it’s broken.


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