About the Happy Humble Heart

H is for Happy!

The search for happiness and the desire to nurture it is what my deepest desire is.


It’s okay to be wrong about something and, more importantly, it’s okay to admit that to others. This shows that you not only value your opinion and decisions, but that you also value the opinions and decisions of those around you.


Beauty comes in many forms. Having a beautiful heart is a timeless accessory that every woman should have in her wardrobe.

102916 (57)

Our first family photo 2016

How many times have I read through blogs, pinterest posts, twitter feeds, etc….. and still not find someone who can just speak to me? TOO MANY TIMES!

This blog is about reaching out to that new mom who maybe a little different. I am not your average mom blogger, I will write about controversial topics like public breastfeeding and immunizations, and I will include my spiritual beliefs in my posts. I hope to help the women reading this blog with advice and connect with like minded mothers to build a community of support and positive energy. In a world full of comparisons and trying to be the next post baby fitness star…. we just need to embrace the mom lifestyle and stop comparing ourselves to others. Just be you!


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