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  • Purple Smokey Eye

    Check out this video I recently posted to my new YouTube channel!!! If you have some advice on how to make better videos in the future, please leave a comment below. This video has been sped up, in total it… Read More ›

  • A Day With Out the Baby

    Okay, let me first say that I love my son with all of my body, heart, and soul…. But every once in a while, mommy needs a break. Even if it is just for a few minutes or a few… Read More ›

  • What Mommy Really Wants

    Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and I couldn’t be more excited. Not only is this my first Mother’s Day as a mom, but this is the first time my mom, my birth-mom, and my mother-in-law will get to… Read More ›

  • Friday Touch-up

    As promised, I have not heard back from the winner from the previous week’s Too Faced Giveaway… 😦 So there is a new winner Eunice Jordan!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, shoot me an email or contact me on Facebook so… Read More ›

  • Using the Magic Words

    I’m not talking about “Please” or “Thank you”, I’m talking about “I understand”. When I am out in public, or over with friends and family and I see someone’s child start to throw a tantrum I feel that parent’s pain…. Read More ›

  • It’s My Birthday

    My sincerest apologies for having not posted for the last few days. I have missed all of you! Administrative Note The winner of the TOO FACED Giveaway has not contacted me yet for their mailing information. If it is not… Read More ›

  • And the winner is….

    The Too Faced Freebie Friday is closed! Thank you all so much for participating! After gathering up all the names and getting to interact with all of you, I had to draw a name. And, the winner is…….. MAEMI!!!!! Congratulations!… Read More ›